Welcome to Art & Design

Keystage 3

KS3 Art follows the National Curriculum guidelines. The projects cover a range of artistic disciplines including painting and drawing, sculpture, print making and ceramics. Within each project students are taught to develop practical skills and look at the work of a variety of contemporary and traditional artists. Students develop their own ideas and responses to the given themes.

Year 7 Projects

  • Ceramic Sculpture – Flying Fish & artist research
  • Distress and Distort - Human Figure & artist research
  • Observational Studies – City Skylines & printmaking

Year 8 Projects

  • Observational Studies - Human Face & artist research
  • Pop Art Design/Sculpture - Soup Can Label & artist research
  • Contemporary Sculpture - Totem Poles & artist research

Year 9 Projects

  • Observational Studies - Natural Forms & artist research
  • Ceramic Sculpture: Bugs and Butterflies & artist research

Keystage 4

KS4 Art is optional and students will choose to study GCSE Art and Design (Art, Craft & Design). GCSE Art and Design is a full course, single qualification covering a wide range of skills, media and processes including the use of ICT (Photoshop, Premier.)

Year 10 Projects

  • Urban Slab Ceramics
  • Pop Art Sculpture

Year 11 Project

  • Me, myself and I
  • AQA Exam Question