Welcome to Design & Technology

Design Technology provides a creative, practical and technological way of thinking, designing and most of all the manufacturing of quality products.  Design Technology provides the opportunity for students to combine practical skills and problem solving skills with intellectual thinking skills to gain an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices. Design Technology provides a high quality educational experience for all learners of today so they can help in developing tomorrow.

It is our aim to encourage the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of all aspects of Design Technology across the KS3 and KS4 National Curriculum with the intention of GCSE awards to be gained. As a Design Technology department we run a three year course for KS4 qualifications.  The courses currently being delivered are AQA GCSE Product Design with that ending in July 2018 and from September 2017 OCR Cambridge Nationals Engineering in Design will replace the AQA course for the GCSE qualification.

KS3 modules range from Pewter Casting, Structures, Armour Design, Desk tidies to  Fabric Enhancement and cover all elements of resistant materials and design and making practice. The school is committed to Design and Technology and its approach to fulfilling this by giving ASC pupils hands on experience, challenging and encouraging them to discover and express ideas, while taking into consideration the need to recognise sensory difficulties.

The school is committed to high standards of health, safety and welfare. It is the school policy to improve them and create a safe environment for all our staff and pupils.

• We aim to set standards that comply with all relevant statutory requirements so that the health and safety of staff, students, visitors and the general public are not adversely affected by the activities of the school.

• To create a safe and settled environment for design technology to flourish. Where everyone shares a clear view of values.

• To provide a broad, balanced and progressive design technology programme for all pupils, and all abilities.

• To encourage positive appropriate behaviour. Respect for themselves and others and to recognise self-worth and ability.

• To support and consider the different sensory difficulties that our students may have and support their learning with added equipment.