Welcome to the Skills Centre

The Skills Centre at Queensway South School offers all students the opportunity to take part in a variety of vocational areas.  In Key stage 3 students follow a more regular Design & Technology program where they are involved with projects such as designing and making jigsaw puzzles, making their own board game, producing games racks, racing balloon powered boats, making an acrylic clock and investigating packaging design.

When pupils enter Key stage 4 the focus is more towards vocational projects with the aim of getting a multi skills trade qualification at level 1 diploma level.  As part of this qualification pupils are able to produce brick walls, try painting and decorating including wallpapering, use floor and wall tiles to produce their own booth, plumb a working sink and also produce a kitchen work counter top through carpentry and joinery skills. 

Pupils have the option of obtaining a level 1 certificate, award or diploma depending upon how many modules they complete which really rounds our learners ready for college.


It is important that all students feel comfortable and safe in school and as such, PPE is provided for all vocational units. All students are expected to get changed into the appropriate PPE before taking part. Failure to change into appropriate kit will prevent students from taking part in practical lessons. In this instance, students will complete theory work on the current topic.

Long Term Plan





Phone speaker / storage

Assessment focus:

Explore products to establish how they might affect users’ lives (understanding)



Assessment focus:

Work accurately with materials to produce required outcomes (making)


Forest Den

Assessment focus:

Use ideas gained from research to design products (designing)


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