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Teacher of English

Here at Queensway South we understand that English can be a huge challenge for our pupils, and this is why we ensure our topics are varied and interesting. English is such a board subject encompassing so many skills, so we aim to find what it is our pupils are good at (speaking and listening, creative thinking, fact finding etc.) and use that to build on their weaker areas to ensure progress.

Key Stage 3

From an academic point of view our KS3 schemes of work support skills that will be crucial to our pupils in KS4: debating, writing for purpose, understanding poetry, enjoying Shakespeare, reading and understanding texts. But also, we use this subject to investigate pastoral elements: bullying, gang culture and friendship.  Lessons include practical and interactive activities to help pupils engage in the work that they do.

We reflect on KS2 skills to support students who may have not been ready to learn these skills in their primary settings. For those pupils who find English a particular strength, they will start their GCSE course in Year 9; this makes sure our pupils remain challenged and focused throughout KS3.

Key Stage 4

Currently our pupils take three possible paths during KS4- Entry Level, GCSE English Language and the addition of GCSE English Literature for our most confident pupils. Our pupils are put on the course that best suits their needs, abilities and future plans. We never limit our pupils’ potential achievements; our qualifications are taught side by side, so if a student shows the potential for a higher qualification we put them forward.   

GCSE topics are wide ranging from Not so Natural Disasters to The Merchant of Venice. Pupils study on the Eduqas board and develop their skills of understanding writers’ methods as well as improving their own. They will study both fiction and non-fiction texts to become confident all-rounders.
Our Entry Level pupils focus on practical English skills. They learn to write letters and emails accurately and practice how to state their opinions clearly.
Revision sessions are held throughout the year for all KS4 pupils to further support or challenge those who need it. Homework is also set on an individual basis for those needing or wanting extra study time.

Whole School

Throughout the year we have many literacy focuses, These might include reading challenges (read as much as you can in as many places as possible) or the Creative Writing Challenges where pupils have to use pictures from the staff's past to inspire them.

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Teacher of English

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