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Careers in the Land Based sector vary greatly from working with animals, food production, working the land, cutting trees or working to maintain the environment. These jobs are very important in our everyday lives and affect us more than we think.
Land Based Studies provides pupils with an insight into a possible career in the land-based industry where you will gain the hands-on practical skills, experience and knowledge of a variety of land based disciplines, designed to prepare you for employment. The sector employs thousands of workers each year, having experience and skills will allow our learners to enter these jobs or seek further training. At Queensway, we focus on horticultural and land management aspects and have special facilities on site to help deliver the course to our pupils.

In KS3, we teach pupils horticulture alongside Science, where we spend more time outside when the weather warms up and more things can be grown. Pupils experience practical skills such as digging, planting, potting seeds and watering – this gives them an insight into the course which they can take in KS4 studies. We will be developing the polytunnel next year to create a wildlife area and pick your own strawberry patch.
At KS4, pupils have the option to take a Pearson BTEC L1 Certificate in Land Based Skills qualification. To achieve a Level 1 Certificate pupils will undertake 2 core and 3 sector based modules based around horticulture and soil management. Pupils are taught in small groups and work outside in our greenhouse or polytunnel as well as working in the laboratory to complete their work and complete 5 internal assessments. As this is such a practical/vocational course there is no exam for this qualification.

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