Outdoor Education

At Queensway South School outdoor education is split into 6 activities over the 6 half terms.

  • Half term 1 we do Forest play and Geocaching to enable the pupils to be out in nature and have some fun.

  • Half term 2 is Indoor Rock climbing so the pupils can start to develop trust in their peer groups.

  • Half term 3 is a local walk to gel group dynamics in school.

  • Half term 4 is a Bushcraft experience including camp fire cooking to enable the pupils to lead different aspects of their session.

  • Half term 5 is Bushcraft / trail walks in Cannock Chase forest to increase fitness levels within the school.

  • Half term 6 is a hill walk to experience nature and different terrains and link to finding inner happiness in the mountain environment.  These activities are linked to SEMH targets which are tracked so our learners can work on areas that they struggle with socially and emotionally to make our learners more rounded people. 

Our learners engage well with the outdoor education program and look forward to going out each Wednesday.  As their instructor it’s great to see our learners in a different environment and build positive relationships with them. 

Our next steps are to include residential experiences and to include camp craft skills into the program next year.

Contact Information North

Queensway North
Queensway, Hadley, Telford, TF1 6AJ

Principal: Ms. Julie Bravo
Administrator: Mrs. S Moore
Telephone: 01952 388555

Contact Information South

Queensway South
Hinkshay Road, Dawley, Telford, TF4 3PP

Principal: Ms. Julie Bravo
Administrators: Mrs Ann-Marie Dixon-Walker & Miss. J Lloyd
Telephone: 01952 387670

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