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We are the Primary class; a class of Year 6 students who are learning through a creative curriculum ready for our SATs. The Primary teacher is Mr Finney and we are very lucky as we have Jane France supporting us as our teaching assistant.

Every morning in year 6 we have English and Maths in preparation for our SATs. We do lots of practical and creative activities to inspire our learning. We also aim to become as independent as possible and are encouraged to be resilient and seek to improve our own work. Another two lessons are guided reading and SPAG. SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) is really fun as we get to learn all about different spelling strategies, WOW punctuation and unusual English grammar through lots of entertaining and enjoyable games. For reading, we are part on an exciting reading scheme called Bug Club – pupils read books at their own level and ear rewards within books for answering comprehension or SPAG based questions.

In Science we have lots of opportunities to explore the KS2 curriculum, yet expand our knowledge further through lots of practical, hands on activities as our lessons take place in a Science laboratory. During the autumn term we have been exploring the topic ‘all about me.’ Within which we have explored our organs and completed activities including: making a stomach, investigating stomach acid, making an intestine out of tights and dissecting a pig’s heart. These are rare and valuable experiences for year 6 children as these usually take place in KS3. Spring terms topics involve electricity and light. We also study foundation lessons from the primary curriculum. These include: PE, Food Tech, Art, Design Technology and PSHE. We get minimum two lessons of these a week and for PE we are lucky enough to get three lessons!
As a class, we all set our own academic, behaviour and social targets and review these at the end of each week. For good behaviour, the juniors have sticker charts in which they have to get 10 stickers to achieve a small treat of using an IPad or playing football for example. Overall, the Primary classroom provides a happy learning environment where everyone can learn at their own pace as well as thoroughly enjoying themselves

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Queensway North
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Principal: Ms. Julie Bravo
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