At Queensway, wherever possible pupils are given praise and encouragement for good work and behaviour in order to promote a positive ethos throughout the school.
We do this in many ways:-
Each lesson is graded red, amber, green or blue this then translates to points which ultimately result in prizes to be spent on rewards such as toast, bacon butties or stationery.

  • Pupils are nominated for star work which results in a letter home from the Headteacher and a small gift after three nominations.
  • Form tutors keep track of the reward system to discuss with pupils in form time.
  • Positive phone calls home if the pupil has been identified as having had a positive day.
  • Commenting positively in exercise books, which can be shared during pupil consultation days.
  • Giving verbal praise.
  • Specific rewards allocated to green pupils.

Green Rewards

At the end of term a green reward trip is provided for the children who show positive green behaviour throughout the whole term. We visit places such as -

...and more!