School Uniform & Appearance

Queensway believes that the pride our students take in their appearance is a reflection of their attitude to their studies and school life.
We would ask all of you, however, to read carefully our expectations as outlined on this page.

Correct Uniform

  • Navy fleece with HLC logo (optional)

  • Grey polo shirt with Queensway logo (optional)

  • Black trousers/skirt (knee length)

  • Black Shoes

Incorrect Uniform

  • Short skirts

  • "Skinny" trousers

  • Extra-wide flares

  • Trainers (other than PE)

  • Wide belts

  • Jewellery

PE Wear

  • Navy shorts/tracksuit bottoms (blue or black)

  • White top

  • Trainers

Incorrect Appearance

  • Coloured/streaked hair

  • Shaven heads

  • Eybrow slits or "Tramlines" in hair

  • Make up

  • Nail varnish

  • Body piercings

  • Earrings (one pair)

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