Welcome to Science

Science has under pinned many of the major changes in society and will lead changes in the future.

The main branches of Science include Engineering/Physics, Medicine/Biological Sciences and Materials/Chemistry.  All of us need a basic understanding of the principles of Science in order to contribute and understand ourselves and the world around us.

At QHLC North and South we believe that a practical approach to teaching and learning the subject is the best approach for students, giving a general grounding in logical thinking, dexterity development and how to investigate problems using the Scientific Method.

At KS2 and 3 QHLC North and South follow the new national curriculum with modules in Scientific Investigation, Safety, Biology and Human Biology, Materials Science, Physics, forces, Electricity and Astronomy.  This curriculum develops the learning and skills needed for later study at KS4.

At KS 4 we offer Entry Level Science level 1-3 for all students and the new Combined Science Trilogy at GCSE which deepens their understanding gained at KS2 and 3.

Subjects and Assessment

There are six papers: two biology, two chemistry and two physics. Each of the papers will assess knowledge and understanding from distinct topic areas.

Science also develops and supports the key skills found in Mathematics and English, essential in today’s career market and for successful applications to College and Apprenticeship pathways.

Science qualifications have always been seen as high value to students in whatever they do in the future.